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Alex P.

5 stars for you Todd for real. Best driving instructor hands down!

Trina V.
Former Superior Traffic School Student Parent

Todd I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you did with my granddaughter, she has had minimal time behind the wheel and her anxiety level was pretty high, and she was reluctant to learn to drive with someone she did not know, I have been trying to convince her to take lessons for about 9 months with no luck. I finally convinced her to give it a try and with your patience and skill she was so excited with the class and your teaching, and was so much more confident in herself. It was a joy to hear about each days class and how relaxed and excited she was for the next class. She will most likely be scheduling her road test very soon thanks to you Todd.

N. Leildhari
Former Superior Traffic School Student

The learning is extremely great I really enjoyed myself while learning how to perfect my driving skills. The best part was that after the driving course the road test was a piece of cake.

J. Carter
Former Superior Traffic School Student

Todd was very good instructor and helped me pass my test. 5 Star. He needs a raise.

L. Lane
Former student of Superior Traffic School

This company was wonderful and helpful with helping me get the classes needed to get my license back.

G. Wright
Former Superior Traffic School Student

My name is Gage and I just wanted to quickly highlight what I liked about my training with Todd. For starters, Todd was always clear about the ins and outs of defensive driving and always explained to me what I should be doing and why while driving. Todd was also very polite and understanding if I ever made a mistake, and he made sure to explain what I did wrong and what I should be doing. Overall, I can say with certainty that Todd helped me to become much more confident in my ability to drive; and I wouldn’t have been able to pass my driving test as quickly as I did without his guidance. I would 100% recommend Superior Traffic School and Todd as an instructor to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

A. Gould
Parent of Superior Traffic School Student

Because of Superior Traffic School, I can have the assurance of knowing my daughter is safe on the roads.

Lindsay C.
Former Superior Traffic School Student

I took my 4-hour driving course with Todd Jensen, and I am so incredibly glad I chose him as my instructor for this requirement! He made the class enjoyable as well as very informative, and because it was actually an enjoyable experience, the time seemed to fly by! He is very friendly and easy to talk to during the process. I learned a lot, and was completely prepared and confident for my driving test. I passed my test with ease because of Todd! He even went above and beyond to work with me and my schedule, even on super short notice! He made sure everything was taken care of with the state, and I didn’t have to worry about that part at all thanks to him. He really went above and beyond to make sure I had everything in place, and that is just not the kind of service you  typically receive. I cannot say enough about what a great experience it was and about what great customer service I received from Todd. I would highly recommend going to see Todd Jensen for your driving instruction requirement! He is the best!!

Giselle T.
Former Superior Traffic School Student

I want to really take the time to thank you for everything! It was a good experience to have you as my driving instructor. You gave me the confidence that I did not arrive with and was looking for. Coming from NYC where obtaining a drivers license can be a very stressful experience, you helped me build my confidence back up. Thank you for your patience with me and leading me to getting my license yesterday. I’ll stay in touch to schedule the highway lessons. Thanks again!


Superior Traffic School Student

Very Satisfied with the classes and the price. Made a lot of time for us and very always punctual.

C. Robinson
Former Superior Traffic School Student

I just passed my driving test with a perfect score! I’m absolutely thrilled, so thank you for your help!

Former Superior Traffic School Student

I used to be so scared of driving that even the thought of learning to drive would make me feel nauseous. I got 100% on the written exam for the permit but that didn’t help boost my confidence. Several people have tried to teach me to drive and their efforts weren’t useless, but they couldn’t do anything about the fear I felt while driving. My phobia was so severe that a friend even suggested that I look into hypnotherapy. Thanks to Todd Jensen, I now have my license and I can even start to understand why some people like driving 🙂 The learning experience was worth every penny!

Patti H.
Driving School Student

I think superior traffic school with Mr. Todd was actually educational and enjoyable. He really is very precise about the course but also has a good relaxing demeanor so he makes the experience more comfortable for the course. He teaches in a calming manner which was great. He was a wonderful instructor! Thank you so much!

S. Patel
Former Student of Superior Traffic School

Great company that helped me increase my confidence and pass my test on my first try!

I. Brucks
Former Superior Traffic School Student

Without Superior Traffic School, I’d still be trying to get my license! Because of their in-depth teaching and techniques, driving makes sense!

Gabriel V.
Former Superior Traffic School Student

My experience was positive from beginning to end, that is without question. Todd was professional and very well accommodating to my irregular schedule. As someone with very little experience behind the wheel I was shaky and lacking confidence in my driving, but with some simple steps and guidelines outlined by Todd I was able to discipline myself into a calmer & calculated handling of the vehicle and my surroundings. Patient and Friendly, Todd is the quintessential example of a good teacher. In only a handful of lessons I’ve received enough guidance to not only be able to self-diagnose where my driving is sloppy, but to be able to perform maneuvers I was completely alien to with ease. It was a short curriculum but the value is undeniable and I’m confident in saying I would not have been able to pass my road test as quickly or as efficiently as I had without the support of Superior Traffic School, inc and Todd himself. I’m a very satisfied customer and couldn’t recommend Superior Traffic School enough!