Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons

We strive to provide each student driver with a comfortable, productive, and positive driving experience. We’ll help you develop the proper driving techniques to learn how to become a better driver. We teach our students how to minimize road risk factors, through making correct defensive decisions at the proper moment.All sessions are conducted strictly “one on one” to help emphasize driver safety, and to maximize the over-all learning experience.

One poor driving decision under the wrong circumstances can lead to a highway tragedy. Distracted teenage driver accidents make up the majority of serious driver injuries and fatalities every year. We’re here to help address these issues for concerned parents with beginning teenage drivers.Note: Student Driver gift certificates are also available upon request.


2 hours @ $150
4 hours @ $300
6 hours @ $420 (-$30)
8 hours @ $560 (-$40)
10 hours @ $700 (-$50)
12 hours @ $840 (-$60)
14 hours @ $980 (-$70)
16 hours @ $1,120 (-$80)
18 hours @ $1,260 (-$90)
20 hours @ $1,400 (-$100)

Driving session price quotes are contingent on lessons beginning/ending from office location. Can’t come to us? We offer pickup/drop off to many locations (an extra fee will apply).