Todd Jensen is a licensed Commercial Pilot/CDL Class-A veteran, with several years of prior business management work experience in the aviation and transportation industries.

He previously taught defensive driver traffic safety courses through the National Safety Council, and has over 5-years of full-time practical experience, providing one-on-one driving lessons to beginning student drivers and inexperienced licensed drivers of all ages.

Regardless of your driver skill level, he can show you many helpful driving techniques to help you improve your hand-eye coordination skills and scanning ability. You’ll learn how to: make perfect coordinated turns, consistently maintain the recommended 2-3 seconds of vehicle following distance without drifting from your lane, recognize when to lane change prior to slowing traffic ahead, efficiently scan your blind spots prior to properly passing a vehicle ahead, enter and exit double-lane roundabouts safely, make left-hand turns against on-coming traffic safely.

You’ll also learn the fundamental methods required to successfully pass your DMV Road Test, and gain valuable over the road driving experience and self-confidence necessary to always drive defensively to help minimize accident risk.

Superior Traffic School’s mission is to make the roads safer through proper education of new drivers. We help students reach their destination through every mile! Our traffic school and driving instructors service Marion, Citrus, Alachua, and The Villages.