Kim Harvey is currently a Certified Correctional Officer, who holds a Class-A CDL with multiple endorsements. She initially was a transportation coordinator, who was responsible for the safe transportation of school children across: Dixie, Gilchrest, and Levy Counties.

She later accepted a truck driving instructor position with a CDL school in Bradford County, where she taught beginning students proper driving techniques, and DOT laws that govern our nation’s trucking industry. She then entered the world of law enforcement as a Correctional Officer, until several years later returning back to the transportation industry to instruct the fundamentals of defensive driving safety to the general public.

Her previous work experience puts her in a unique position to discuss many different driver risk situations, such as: how to properly pass a tractor trailer, avoiding tractor trailer wide right turns, avoiding the rear “No Zones” of tractor trailers, vehicle “No Zones” and motorcycles, hydroplaning and steering-out of skids, how to safely react to high speed blow-outs, properly maintaining of vehicle spacing in heavy traffic, red light runners and tail-gating, nighttime driving and low/high beam use, vehicle lane changing and blind spot risks, reckless drivers and speeding risks, delayed reaction time and braking distance, distracted and fatigued drivers, aggressive and road raged drivers, and yielding to emergency vehicles.

Superior Traffic School’s mission is to make the roads safer through proper education of new drivers. We help students reach their destination through every mile! Our traffic school and driving instructors service Marion, Citrus, Alachua, and The Villages.