My experience was positive from beginning to end, that is without question. Todd was professional and very well accommodating to my irregular schedule. As someone with very little experience behind the wheel I was shaky and lacking confidence in my driving, but with some simple steps and guidelines outlined by Todd I was able to discipline myself into a calmer & calculated handling of the vehicle and my surroundings. Patient and Friendly, Todd is the quintessential example of a good teacher. In only a handful of lessons I’ve received enough guidance to not only be able to self-diagnose where my driving is sloppy, but to be able to perform maneuvers I was completely alien to with ease. It was a short curriculum but the value is undeniable and I’m confident in saying I would not have been able to pass my road test as quickly or as efficiently as I had without the support of Superior Traffic School, inc and Todd himself. I’m a very satisfied customer and couldn’t recommend Superior Traffic School enough!